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  • Point Of Sale Software

    A complete Point of Sale (POS) System Solution designed for small and medium enterprises that feature point-of-sale,
    inventory management, membership management and reporting.
  • Android Cash Register

    When you choose D2 cash register, you'll be amazed at its smooth operation.
    D2's quality is guaranteed by Qualcomm® and Optimized Android OS.


With a guarantee on safety maintenance & stable operation, we further provide terminal equipment and cash register with strong capabilities in networking & business development, so that the device can also be used in combination with various hardware while maintaining information transmission.


POS software development is currently one of the most in-demand services. At Otpos Solutions, we have used methods that simplify design, structure, and POS software development, which are tailor made according to your business.


Seamless integration of information is needed to complete the POS terminal system. Our developers have the expertise in developing POS software systems by providing user-friendly, flexible, and secure software solutions for all kinds of businesses.


The smarter way to manage your business

Thermal T2

T2 is more suitable for quality-pursuing customers with high demand on printing with a built-in Seiko printer.

Thermal T2 MINI

T2 MINI is an all-in-one Android cash register which is more compact , intelligent powerful and future-proof.

Thermal D2

Hide all kinds of line to keep your store elegant. With Multi-point touch and Android 7, let you have a safer, more stable and faster experience.

Retail POS

Skyrocket your retail business with our point of sale system and its features like inventory & Customer relationship management.

Restaurants POS

Helps you run an efficient kitchen and provide better service to your customers. Let your restaurant work smarter.

Kitchen Display System

KDS communicates orders clearly and in real-time, completely removing unnecessary back and forth from table to kitchen.

Receipt Printer

High printing speed 250mm per second, low noise. Include USB, serial, parallel and ethernet interfaces. Suitable for kitchen, reception and Apps.

Label Barcode Printer

Fast printing, can finish one single label printing per second, save printing time greatly. Re-printing feature can effectively avoid losing information.

Barcode Scanner

Adapts to various environment. Captures 1D/2D barcodes on screen and paper even in poorly-lit environment.

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How to activate otpos for retail

When the program is used for 5 days, you will be prompted that you need to register the program.

We have five organizational systems

We have development, marketing, design, customer and management service center.

Use your PC to manage your business

It is simple, intuitive POS software, tailor-made for retail stores and SMBs.

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    Open and Touchscreen Point of Sale products and solutions for Café, Food & Drink, Pizzeria, Bakery, Bar, Fashion & Boutique, Restaurants, Salon, Retail, Grocery and Convenience Store, etc.
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