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mobile order Bao

mobile order Bao

Huawei Honor T3-7

  • Operating system Android 6.0
  • Processor model MTK MT8127
  • Processor core Four cores
  • memory capacity 2GB
  • Storage capacity 16GB
  • Screen size 7inch
  • Screen resolution 1024×600
  • Camera Dual camera(Front200W,Rear500W)
  • Gravity induction Support
Rear Kitchen Display System

KDS Rear Kitchen Display System

iPad 5

Orderly and efficient food delivery is an important part of restaurant to improve customers' dining experience, and it is also one of the factors to improve restaurant turnover rate. The intelligent kitchen display system ( hereinafter referred to as KDS ) subverts the traditional mode of cooking from the back and gives a new electronic process between ordering from the front end and cooking from the back end.
KDS equipment end ( touch control all-in-one machine ) is respectively set up at the food outlet and the back kitchen, the POS machine at the front end completes the order, each table order is transferred to the KDS equipment end of the back kitchen, each order is confirmed to have been completed when the kitchen is out, and the deliverer confirms that the food has been delivered at the KDS equipment end of the food outlet when receiving the food. The whole process is interlocked to avoid missing orders or ordering errors caused by word of mouth, which is convenient for chefs to plan their dishes reasonably according to the order order and the type of dishes and improve the efficiency.

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